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Schools have a pivotal role to play in connecting character development in children and young people to individual and collective wellbeing, which in the longer term will shape the values and attitudes of the society in which they live.

Teachers play an important role in providing learning experiences and opportunities that develop and shape the character and wellbeing of children and young people.

Experiences that develop character by promoting mindfulness (self-regulation and behaviour), curiosity, courage, resilience, ethics and leadership benefit children and young people as they grow and develop.

Schools focus on giving children and young people voice, being active learners and developing strong character qualities that will enable them to succeed, thrive and contribute positively throughout life.

Our students will be actively connected to their learning, have positive and respectful relationships and experience a sense of belonging to their school and community.

Our students will be respected, valued, encouraged, supported and empowered to succeed.

Our students will grow and flourish, do well and prosper. 


The school environment is pivotal to the growth and development of our most important assets – our children, and young people. Our schools strive for excellence in teaching and learning, connect on many levels and build trusting and respectful relationships for students to succeed.